Lickable? :: 2006-01-16

I’m currently doing a lot of work in OS X, which overall is pretty damn nice. Microsoft’s Visual Studio.NET is still streets ahead as a development environment, but XCode does have some great features.

This page will contain whatever trinkets I come up with for OS X.



CoverFlow is a visual album browser intended to add some nice warm aesthetics back into that cold digital music collection you’ve been gathering.


GasLight GasLight is an OpenGL iTunes plugin. See the product page for more details.

FTP Droplet

FTP Droplet This is a little Applescript droplet, designed to sit on your desktop. Drag & drop some files onto it, and it’ll magically transfer them to your FTP server in the background. It’s great for image hosting, or for quick updates to your website.

[Update : OK, the sudden burst of attention to this ancient script (which I no longer even have on my hard disk) is a little weird…

Assuming you’ve upgraded to Tiger yet, may I suggest ignoring that script, and using this Automator action. Open it in Automator, set up your site details, and save it as a plugin. It’ll appear in your right click menu under Automator.

It isn’t my code, but I no longer have any idea where it came from. If you want to claim credit for it, let me know…]

Quicktime Fullscreen

Quicktime Fullscreen The non-Pro version of Quicktime has the irritating feature of apparently not being able to play movies in full screen.
However, the functionality is still there – it just needs a little helping along. This simple script sets Quicktime to fullscreen, then starts playing the current movie.


This doesn’t seem to work in Tiger. I can get QT7 to go fullscreen, but it hangs the video on returning to windowed mode… I can’t figure out if this is Apple trying to prevent people getting around the Pro registration, or something I’m doing wrong…

The above icons are from Dave Brasgalla’s swooby World of Aqua Candybar set